Although, I try to not use this blog to write about my personal life, this time I will make an exception. Yesterday, one of my classmate bring some Germany songs for us, I mean texts and music on CD. He played it and encourage us to sing. Despite my basic knowledge of Germany language, It was obvious that we heard and listened to Nazism’s songs.

That surprised me, but not at all. He had already done similar things before. For example, He likes to shock us by telling controversial opinions. However, the songs which glorify “Führer” or encourage soldiers to fight during WW II are definitely not a matter of good taste. I think that he didn’t done it for ideological purpose, but just for his own sake. <irony> To show that he is really cool, open minded and truly independent. </irony>

Well, the real reason why I got shocked is not that incident itself. It is the after-match, expect me, no one reacted. I go to him and tried to tell that “he’s not doing right”. As usual he didn’t want to listen me, he just walked out after my first sentence. That wasn’t strange to me. What’s really appall me, was a short discussion with the rest of my colleagues. They didn’t see anything wrong in it or their simple agree to leave them away. Only one person confirmed that spreading Nazism symbols is forbidden by law. Majority approve of what those silly mate did. They found it funny. This was the thing that terrified me the most.

That happen in my high school, which is recognized as the best one in Silesia2 region for the last few years. It is really tough to get in to this school. Small classes and friendly atmosphere makes it a nice place for learning. I can easily discuss about science as well as philosophy with the other students. Why those people didn’t protest? Why they didn’t see anything wrong in it? Most of them simple laugh. Is it fair to laugh about a system that killed so many innocent people? I expected a more wisdom response from them.

I think for a while about the reasons of this event. The obvious one is the possibility. Nowadays access to the Internet is common. Using web browser it is extremely easy to find instructions how to make drugs/bombs/fireworks/etc. as well as the information about extremist/paramilitary organisations. Brutal sex and violence seems to be a piece of cake. Some people couldn’t restrict themselves and here are the results. The difference between evil and good is blurred.

What’s next? I could only predict. <sarcasm> I’ve already seen internment camps build from LEGO1 bricks. How about using them as a toy for children? </sarcasm> I don’t mean that there is a thing particular evil and bad for us, but our neighbourhood affects our personality. Point me recent films that are (almost) free from violence and sex. It’s hard to find any, expect those for kids. It’s hard to be truly good in nowadays world.

  1. LEGO is a trademark of LEGO Group. I use this term as a well known toy, rather than representing a opinion about it.[back]
  2. According to a few rankings. Of course the quality of the school couldn’t be only measure by its position in various comparisons. One of our noticeable competitor is VIII LO in Katowice.[back]

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