I go to Miedzieszyn

I’m going to Miedzieszyn for science camp. To anyone from my class: My proposal for a class trip is here. If anything is unclear phone me, as I might not have access to emails.

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Kexi project

Some days ago I’ve interested in kexi. I was simply looking for something that could replace MS Access, because I’m not using Windows. I didn’t like OpenOffice Base, because combination of java and XML for storing data doesn’t seem to be optimal. Kexi is different, it make heavy use of SQL, it stores everything in tables. So I downloaded Kexi’s source and start playing with it. I already commited two small patches for it. Now I’m looking forward to wrote something bigger for it, like a web form export. See pages.

BTW: I’m going next Tuesday for a two-week scientific camp near Warsaw.

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A week ago I went to Sopot for the final stage of Olympics in Informatics ( ble, ble I’m knew that I’m rather monotony). As one of my friends accurately describe: “OI would be a great party if not this problems”. We slept in a Combidata training centre. After each day, we could seen how our programs work with a few tests and what is the exemplary solution. I was a bit angry at myself, because I thought that I hadn’t did especially well. My most silly mistake was allocating memory for string without null. Although my algorithm work well, my program sometimes cause SEGFAULT, because scanf write NULL character to not always mine memory. Anyway, I was quite surprised with result. I’m laureate of III place ;-). Now I’m planning to learn more about practical programming. So you could expect some use{full|less} applications here.

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