A long trek

Three days ago one of my colleague tell me about his trip from Zwardoń to Szczyrk in two days. As I saw the map I replied “Two days? I can do it within one”. Well it’s “only” a about 35 km through mountain terrain. According to the labels written on map it takes “only” 9.5 hours without breaks. And this values are calculated just for noobs.

The plan

Just because I like challenges I decided to do that trail as soon as possible. On the following day I convinced two of my friends to join in. We also decided to go to Zwardoń by train. On the map the trip look like:

Center of a map

The trek

Yesterday we did it. <thoughts type=”random”>Starting from the beginning, the train took us 2h. Than we walked for several hours (least than six with breaks). We were trying to rush as fast as we can. Although the weather was fantastic, it could be a little cooler. At first I was taking a lot of photos, but later I was just too tried to do so. We met some of the competitors from mountain bike race (Beskidy MTB Trophy). I would like to participate in a event like that. I should give it a try and test my cycling skills. I almost lost my digital camera. Luckily I found it a hour later on a tree roots.</thoughts>

The photos…

… are in the gallery.


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