Setting up internet sharing over bluetooth

Today, I decided to set up internet sharing from workstation to my PPC. As my desktop PC and PDA have bluetooth, I wanted to use it instead of inconvenient USB cable.

Firstly, I look through Gentoo Linux documentation. I found two interesting articles, about bluetooth1 and routing2. I follow them, which mean I rebuilt kernel, emerge a few programs and play for a while with configuration. From PPC side, I simple switch to static addresses and enter them. Everything worked as expected, till I decided to restart my computer. After that, I realised that bluetooth interface (bnep) didn’t have proper IP. The reason of that mistake was that script “/etc/bluetooth/pan/dev-up” hadn’t been execute. I double-checked permissions and name of that file, but it didn’t help. Documentation3 didn’t give me any clue. After some web searching, I noticed people who have the same problem, but unfortunately, I didn’t find solution.

At that moment, I decided to use some messy scripts to do that job. However, I still wondering, why my first method doesn’t work. I hope to figure it out.

  1. Gentoo Linux Bluetooth Guide [back]
  2. Home Router Guide [back]
  3. HOWTO PAN [back]

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