Installing printer HP Deskjet 710C in cups

I recently heard that many people have problems with setting up printing in linux. In fact the popular linux printing daemon – cups is often problematic. However, as long as you can read logs, think and use google, every problem with it is solvable. Here is my story:

(I assume that you have already installed cups)
First of all look at site about printing in linux. Find out what driver your printer use and download .ppd file for it. If your printer use no-postscipt driver install that driver. In my case (HP 710C) I have to install foomatic (emerge foomatic). I also copy .ppd file to /usr/share/cups/model/. I need to modify config file (/etc/cups/cupsd.conf). I replace line Listen “*:localhost:631″ with “Listen localhost:631″. Than I run cups daemon (/etc/init.d/cupsd start) and type in web browser localhost:631 and simply add printer. After that steps printing works.

Useful logs are located in: /var/log/cups/
CUPS is sometimes difficult to configure, mostly because it gives strange errors messages. Despite it require some basic knowledge, installing a printer shouldn’t be a problem for advanced user.

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