Flash no fonts problem – SOLVED

After last re-installation of gentoo I noticed that in some Adobe Flash programs fonts doesn’t render. It was especially visible in Google Analytics. I check if I have all necessary fonts (like corefonts from Microsoft), but that wasn’t a problem.
At first googling didn’t give any interesting results. I tried to see where flash plugin search for fonts so I run opera, determine it pid and attach strace. Surprisingly, it didn’t search for fonts at all. So, as I quess, it must be X‘s tasks. I googled for a while and found that I need to add FontPath into xorg.conf. After restarting X‘s everything work correctly.

Detail description of using strace:

  1. Launch opera
  2. “ps -aux | grep opera”, to see opera pid
  3. “strace -fp 12345 &> opera_log”, log sys calls
  4. Go to that flash, where no text was displayed
  5. Kill strace (CTRL+C is enough)
  6. “less opera_log”, look for open or read in folders /usr/share/fonts/*


  1. “emerge –noreplace corefonts”
  2. edit “/etc/X11/xorg.conf”, in section “Files” add: FontPath “/usr/share/fonts/corefonts”
  3. save and restart X‘s (CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE)

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