Installing kydpdict

Installing 3rd part software that isn’t in official repository/tree in linux distributions is often problematic. Here is the guide how to install dictionary frontend – Kydpdict in gentoo:

  1. Log as root (su)
  2. Create directory /usr/local/overlays/mysiar (*or other in /usr/local)
  3. Download (wget
  4. Give it right to run and run it (chmod o+x && ./
  5. Add line PORTDIR_OVERLAY=”/usr/local/overlays/mysiar” to /etc/make.conf
  6. Sync portage tree (emerge –sync)
  7. Try emerge kydpdict
  8. If it fail saying that Manifest point file that doesn’t exist, remove that entry from Manifest and try to emerge again
  9. Copy dictionary files from your windows version and rename them to lowercast characters

I hope that this guide was helpful.

Added step 5. (2006-09-16)

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