Solving display error in OpenSUSE 10.0

I’ve got a strange problem with my monitor Philips 107T5 in OpenSUSE 10.0 . It is impossible to set 1024×768 resolution and have all of the screen visible. Sax2 doesn’t help, because XFine (moving and resizing display on screen) doesn’t work. However, there is a simple way to avoid hassles. I hope that this solution will be useful for someone.

Just log in as root and “init 3″. Then again log in as root. Move somewhere yours X config and Sax cache (e.g. mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.old ; mv /var/cache/sax/files /var/cache/sax/files_old ; mkdir /var/cache/sax/files ). Then run “sax2″. Enter yours setting. If test is not satisfactory, try to choose generic monitor (e.g. –>VESA 1024×768@85). Save and exit. Log as normal user “su normal_user” and run X (“startx”).

I don’t know the reason of that problem, it didn’t appear in priori versions of SUSE. I quess that it’s Xorg related.

Or simply type “sax2 -r -x -V 1024×768@85″ ;-).

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