Building kde4

Last weekend I was trying to get kde4 working. I follow KDE3to4 guide on KDE wiki. I’ve done it on OpenSUSE 10.0.

Some useful hints (some are SUSE agnostic):

  • Install giflib-devel, openssl, an cmake packages using Yast.
  • Having a new user is necessary, if you want to lunch kde4 itself.
  • Then follow wiki guide. Note that compiling and downloading takes some time. It is a good idea to put commands together (using semicolon (“;”) and do something else. Note 2: Don’t forget that Qt configure will ask you to accept license.
  • If there will be any problems with cmake, don’t forget to delete cmake’s cache before re-running cmake.
  • First try to lunch single application using SSH. If it fails, check if your firewall allow this.
  • Setting kde4 desktop is a bit tricky here is my guide:
    1. switch to other console (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+F5)
    2. log in as KDE-devel; type “X :1″; switch to another console (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+F6)
    3. log also as KDE-devel and type “export DISPLAY=:1; startkde”
    4. then switch to your launched KDE (Ctrl+Alt+F8)
    5. do whatever with start wizard (go through or cancel)
    6. check version (any app/Help/About KDE). it wouldn’t be 3.9(pre 4), but it’s ok
    7. turn off KDE and X (or just kill them)
    8. switch back to primary display(Ctrl+Alt+F7)
    9. look at KDE-devel home. You wouldn’t see your compiled files, but don’t panic
    10. log as KDE-devel user and move files from trash (mv ~/.local/share/Trash/files/* ~)
    11. do again steps from 1-4
    12. now you should be in KDE4

Now enjoy and develop for a new major KDE release. I will play/work on it in comming days.

From other news, my CAE exams will be soon.

I update fire simulation, now window version is bundled with needed library. It should work out of box.

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