OpenSUSE 10.0

Yesterday, I upgraded my Operating System. My previous OS – SUSE 9.2 was working well, but it was rather old and unsupported (there wasn’t new rpms for it). As I always associate SUSE distro with good hardware recognition, I hoped that I will install it without hassles. But there were 3 problems, 3 more then in 9.2:

  • shape of display on my monitor (CRT – Philips 107T5) was a bit strange. I can’t it change using hardware buttons, because i linux share it will windows. So I have to do it in software layer. It took me some time to work it out, but the workaraund is simply. I just set in SaX2 standard Vesa monitor…
  • Nvidia driver didn’t work out of box. Moreover, after I installed it, X didn’t boot. Solution: log as root, in console write: “init 3; switch2nv; tiny-nvidia-installer –uninstall; init 5″, then upgrade system using YOU, again as a root: “init 3; /usr/share/doc/nvidia/ ” (numbers could be different) “switch2nvidia; init 5″. Now you could enjoy 3D acceleration using ut2004-demo ;-)
  • printer Deskjet 710C doesn’t work, despite it’s recognized. Solution: On OpenSUSE website.

One more tip: consider permission, ownership and groups when you are doing backup -> restore. After I done that I have problems with Opera Mail and KMail. In KMail it was a bit funny, because I could see a list of messages, but after selecting any e-mail subject turned into “No Subject” and sender into “Unknown” and there wasn’t any text inside. Fortunately, giving write access (chmod -R u+w ~/Mail and chmod -R u+w ~/.opera/mail) helped.

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