Two weeks after competition

It is more then two weeks after I participate in second stage of Olympics in informatics. I had got ill two days before it, but luckily I recovered enough to write it. The contest is divided into two days. After I wrote it, I thought that I haven’t done my best. I changed my mind as soon as official results were published. I’m in 20th place from more then 300 students. This place is pretty good and, what is more important, it qualify my into final stage.

Now I’m busy, because I miss a lot of things in school. Anyway last Saturday I took MOCK exam for CAE. I scored 64% percent, but I needed at least 65% to get school recommendation. Again I had a luck, our teacher gave also recommendations to people that have 60% and more. Of course we had to fulfil a few conditions, but they didn’t sound for me bad. Recommendations gave 50% refund of exam fee in case of fail.

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