Second week of winter holidays

Some time ago, I returned from ICM. I have been learning there various interesting things ;-). To list them out:

1. Bio-informatics: (by Witold Rudnicki)
We have learned about algorithms that search and compare proteins in biological databases. Smith-Waterman, BLAST, and PSI-BLAST – that sort of things. To summarize, Amino acid is represent as a letter, so protein is represent as a string. Then using one of algorithms (ex. Smith-Waterman) find score (how much protein A is similar to protein B). Then scale this value to more objective. After it you will probably found a large number of ‘quite similarly’ proteins (protein databases are huge). Then use PSI part … bla bla bla

It look like that, but it is a bit more complicated.

2. Image analysis: (by Krzysztof Nowi?ski)
Last year Krzysztof Nowi?ski teach me how to reconstruct 3D model from 2D photos (it is possible, but with many hassles). This year Mr Nowi?ski has showed me how we could analyse image. For example we want to select brain from MRI image of head.
Original MRI image, some extracted values an final selection.
To achieve this result, my algorithm take only tolerant value and one start point. This algorithm work similarly to gimp’s magic wand.

3. General about models and simulations: (by Marek Niezgdka, director of ICM )
Mr Niezgdka has a short lecture, but interesting one. He explain precisely what is the aim of models. Do we want to get what we expect? Does complex mathematics is adequate to simple problems? (and vice-versa)

To sum up, Einstein quote:

“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

After lecture Mr Nowi?ski gave as a problem to solve. How we could simulate flow of water. I’ve written algorithm that make a short animation of it.
View from top. One frame.


Now I’m preparing for second stage of OI. There is only a few days left. I’m learning not as fast, as I would like. Anyone have a recipe how to learn 12h+ a day effective?

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