… is for me (almost) always hard. What should I write here? OK, I am going to clarify my thoughts.

Who Am I?
I’m 17 year old high school student. I’m Pole and I live in Bielsko-Bia?a (mid-city in southern Poland). I’m interested in IT, economic, … (too long list to be mentioned here). I have sometimes thoughts, analyses, thoughts, code that might be useful for someone. You can recognize me in internet easily as I used unique (7 January 2006, said by google) nickname “Jakozaur”.
What I’m doing recently?
I participating in Polish Olympiad in Informatics (algorithm contest). That activity consume lot of time in two ways:

  • I need learn some extra things (like Dijkstra algorithm)
  • and solve some tasks as a practice.

I prefer to code in C++, but in school I’m forced to write in Pascal.

This year I’m also preparing for CAE (English exam). I go to private Language school twice a week for one and a half hour. I’m learning without paying any charge, because I’m in a group of 12 best students (I’m still wondering how I get to it).

Some time ago I was involved a bit in porting linux to my palmtop and in writing articles on polish wikipedia.

I’m also studying in local cisco academy.

Hmm.. that’s enough for now.

Why I’m writing this blog?
I was making my homepage more then few times. All previous attempts have failed. The reasons were my skills and time. I’m very selective at graphic, but unfortunately I’m not graphic designer. So, I was unable to create design that would meet my expectations. WordPress looks nice and easy to use and expand, so I gave it a try. I was also considering opera blog, but I prefer to not have brand/company name in address.

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